FAQ: Can I get one of my posts removed?

If you have made a post to a newsgroup and it has been archived here and you wish to have it removed, then send an e-mail to webmaster@cryer.co.uk, from the same account as originally used to make the posting, with a polite request for the posting to be removed. Please include the full URL to the page containing the post. If the original account is no longer available to you or if the e-mail address was "munged" then you will need to provide a clear means to identify yourself as the original author. Please be aware that all e-mails should be polite as our e-mail filter will not pass through emails containing bad language.

Be aware that newsgroups are a public forum and that there are numerous different newsgroup archives. If your posting is archived here then it will also be archived on many other servers on other sites that have no affiliation to this site.

See also I don't want my posts archived, can I prevent my posts from being archived?